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The assigned readings given in Viscom widened my view on what graphic design truly is. I always thought of graphic design as a way of communicating meaning visually, but in reality it is much more than that. Graphic design is everywhere and most people probably don't even realize it, from the half eaten apple logo to your average stop sign. Without graphic design life would be very dull and boring. Graphic design gives words and imagery life, that little spark that makes things interesting. Type and Image was a straight forward view of how I think most people, including myself, envision being a graphic designer is like. Though there was one part in particular I found most interesting, where the graphic design process was referred to as being problem solving. I always knew graphic design was an interesting process trying to communicate visually, but I never looked at it as being problem solving. Nor did I ever think of myself as a problem solver, but I guess am. Its funny how the most obvious things are the hardest to find. Graphic Design Sources was also very enlightening, covering many aspects of design in depth. Though most of the areas covered were oblivious once I thought about them long enough, one did manage to escape me. A "con" to graphic design? How could graphic design have a con? I guess graphic design, is like anything else in this world, goes out of style eventually. Whats "hot" one day wont necessarily be the next day. People change, trends change, the world changes, and as graphic designers its our job to keep up.

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Luis A. said...

Sweet! insight into the world of graphic design. GD is just another piece of the puzzle that makes our world better.