"Why graphic design?"

Why graphic design? Why not!?
Anything that has to do with typography, logo design, or web design makes me want to learn more. It started with Elementary and the letter S. In Elementary School there are many ridicules things that kids think are cool and awesome! For my school it was being able to draw the letter S. Drawing six lines that connected in a fashion that resembled a pointed S made a person cool. Like i said ridicules, but for some reason this simply fascinated me more than the other kido's. I tried my hardest to take that letter to the next level. Bigger points. Smaller lines. Wider strokes. Before I even knew what it was called i was interested in typography. Later I would find out that it was only a part of something bigger called Graphic Design. For the longest time i always referred to myself as an artist, it wasn't till high school that i called myself a designer. Doing little things here and there for friends only made my design ambitions grow more. By the time college came around it seemed only natural to choose Graphic Design, everything else just didn't feel right. I chose graphic design for its creation. Having clients, pushing guidelines, making deadlines, and above all producing new things!

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Anonymous said...

Six lines to make the letter "S"

How so? If anything I can see maybe 5 lines. Kind of like the shape.