Drawings with Anatomy

Drawings with Anatomy was an expansion of Exploring Letterform. In this continuation we were required to incorporate at least 5 labels from this list of words bellow:
  • baseline
  • x-height
  • median
  • cap height
  • spine
  • stroke
  • stem
  • serif
  • shoulder
  • arm
  • leg
  • ear
  • tail
  • spur
  • cross bar
  • cross stroke
  • counter
  • bowl
  • finial
  • terminal
  • apex
  • vertex
  • crotch
  • ascender
  • descender
The 5 words I chose were,  baseline, stem, spur, counter, bowl, finial, & terminal.

 For my first attempt I wanted to go with a positive and negative effect, whether or not I pulled it off effectively is a matter of opinion.

For my second one i got tired of breathing in maker again so I switched to a less potent media, wood-less graphite!

Sorry for the image quality, more to come!

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