Exploring Letterform

This post is long over due but better later than never, right?

For Typography 1 we had to create three large letter form drawings using the letters supplied as a visual reference, my letter was "a."

First i started out with a lot of "scribbles." Just trying to get some ideas on paper, get my mind warmed up and thinking. Come to think of it i don't think i used anything on this page, but eventually I got some things finalized.

I didn't want to make all my a's look the same so i chose to break this one up with a few lines in an attempt tot keep things interesting.

After making my head hurt from the marker fumes I decided to go with a less toxic media. I chose to go with white prisma pencils and black charcoal. I decided to use the finials of the a's to connect the two in order to create a path, and an interesting form.

Last but not least my white charcoal a. For this one i wanted to play with positive and negative space and ended up with this.

Over all this project was great, learned a lot about letter form and the letter a in general.

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