Government Conspiracies is the title of my finished 6x9 book. The end result is a well rounded book filled with 9 circle compositions that are each equipped with transparent type. The books meaning is more or less based on the act of conspiring, not necessarily the conspiracy its self. Over all I am pleased with the final outcome of my book. Choosing to connect a certain government conspiracy to one of my nine words helped drive the imagery in a certain direction. For each composition I made sure to incorporate images from the conspiracy that was being tied to that particular final word. The same can be said for the type portion of this book. For each word I let the meaning of the word drive the composition of the type.

Together the transparency and dot compositions create a new type of composition. Independently they stand strong, but when overlayed they unify creating a stronger composition. In my opinion it is hard to go wrong in this aspect, separately there could be two dreadful compositions but when put together its hard not to see something interesting and new. In essence this is what makes this book project particularly interesting, because its relatively hard to go wrong.

Overall i think I learned that it is a lot harder to convey a message with such refraining parameters than I had originally thought. It has really instated a new found appreciation for DOTS. There is a large amount of time and effort that has to go into something in order for it to make sense and not just look like a bunch of circles. Thought is required in order to make it easy for viewers to see and understand what is being conveyed, instead of making it mind numbing and hard to grasp.

Overall I am pleased with my book as a whole. If there was anyone area I would want to improve it would have to be the correspondence of my dot compositions to my transparencies. There are a few compositions that independently are rather weak, but together they are rather pleasing and very satisfying. Unfortunately this is the nature if this certain project, the spontaneity is what creates the random and surprising composition.

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jamie said...

In addition to describing what you did, also show a few examples that support your argument. You can use one composition to talk in detail about your intentions and how your design helps achieve that goal.

And remember, dots were just the graphic element used in this project. But the same principles apply for any graphic element, whether that be an icon, a cut-out-background image, an image framed in a box, a headline or a paragraph of type.

You created a unique cover too, so here is an opportunity to talk about the special decisions made there and why.