Graphic by Sanna Annukka

In this album cover, by Sanna Annukka, there are many graphic principles at work: Framing, Symmetry, Scale, Repetition.

-Framing is used to imply the fact that there are more balloons or blimps aside from the ones that are visible.
-Symmetry though it may not be the strongest principle in this particular graphic it is still very much apparent in the hot air balloons.
-Scale is an important principle used in this piece because it gives the graphic as a whole a sense of depth, and space.
-Repetition last but not least, instead of using many different balloons or blimps Sanna Annukka chose to use two types and repeat them. Though her use or repetition does not create a typical pattern, I still think with out use of repeating balloons this graphic would not have the same captivating quality.

Sanna Annukka though she has done many graphic design related projects, like package design or product, she still considers herself an illustrator slash print maker. If your interested in seeing more of her work, you can just click here

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