For my critique, there were a number of suggestions and areas of improvement. (Brandon, Joseph, Brit, Sarah)

For a few of my juxtapositions there was a consensus that different alignment could enhance or better compliment these compositions, and help bring me to a better level.

There were a few photos that could use a level boost or possibly a curves improvement. I plan to touch up these photos and take more, just to have a wider variety.  

Trace editing:
For my tracings there were a few straight forward lines or areas that could be omitted from the composition all together to better create a cohesive juxtaposition.

Picture focus:
There were a few juxtapositions that could possible use an out of focus photo that would go better with a scan composition and or a photocopy.

Different photo or line study:
There was also one that just was not working, and a new photo and or line investigation is necessary.

Over all i feel that a new batch of pictures are extremely necessary, now that i have a better handle on the types of line compositions i have in mind. Taking pictures will be easier to accumulate. Also the two images don't always have to align perfectly, i need to play with composition a little more. This could help intensify my compositions, and make for a more interesting overall look.

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