In the reading Graphic Design The New Basics by Ellen Lupton, chapters Lines and Rhythm, Lupton explains the nature of lines and how they can be used to create rhythm. Lines can live in many styles, weights, lengths and directions. In the current project involving juxtapossitions, new forms of lines are becoming more apparent, such as straight, curved, broken, or continuous. As we progress through each juxtapossition and find new ways to partner our line investigations with a successful photos, a connection between line and rhythm is created. While working through project two its become apparent that lines themselves have a great amount of power and rhythm depending on how they are placed, manipulated, or paired. Project two is about teaching us how to use lines in order to direct and carry the viewer through our books, and create rhythm in the process.

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jamie said...

here would be a good opportunity to show an example of this from your own work or a found piece of graphic design.

see karen's and kelsey's blog post as good examples of this.