In relation to our line studies the reading from Lupton's Graphic Design The New Basics, regarding figure ground and framing were insightful. These techniques are part of a number of tools, and methods that are implemented on a daily bases whether we realize it or not. Figure ground relationship implies a number of thing to the viewer, for instance rhythm. When working on our line studies depth plays a key roll in creating an interesting juxtaposition. Without rhythm in the mix the compositions would die for the lack of cohesiveness between the two elemnts. Creating a flat emotionless composition that doesn't speak or radiate.

Framing is also a key tool given to graphic designers. A designers main job is to guide their audience in a certain direction of their choosing through visual communication, typography, color, drawing, or form. In regards to our juxtapositions, framing was a vital organ in the body of process. More often than not, manipulated line studies needed to be framed in order to match the chosen or desired photo. By framing one can direct the viewer to a certain spot or imply something more like depth, or figure ground. Framing can also imply that there is more to be seen, or more to come.

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