Paula Scher’s video for me really highlighted what was already known. The area in which something is cultivated will have an impact on its development, this holds true for Designers. As designers there is a certain level of flexibility and adaptivity that is required in order to become something. This world in which we live in is continuously changing and going through shifts, fads or trends. The designers job is to keep up with these shifts and adapt to their changes, this includes environments. Cities are constanly growing, building, demolishing, and recreating. This constant change has an effect on the designs in which designers create. In most cases we can make the environment fit the design, its the design that has to fit the environment.  Understanding the environment where one lives leds to the development of work that is better suited of that world, as well as an adaptation of the designer to this different style needed in order to function effectively in this environment. Where you live affects who you are, its only natural it would affect a designers work as well.

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