Bitmap vs. Vector


Pros: Bitmap images are among the most commonly use formats mainly for their flexibility with manipulation. Constructed of many different colored pixels, bitmaps can be easily changed or altered.

Cons: When it comes to bitmaps resizing becomes an issue. The down sizing of a bitmap doesn't cause much damage. Though when scaled lager than its original format, bitmaps start to loose quality and quickly become pixelated.


Pros: Over all vector images are better quality. Vectors are made up of lines, curves, and angles that can individually be manipulated. Unlike its counter part, Vectors can be scaled in any direction and still retain 100% of its quality. (dependent on its resolution of coarse) When compared to a bitmap vector is simply a more complex format.

Cons: Vectoring does not hold tonal qualities. Unlike Bitmap, vector creates sold areas of hue. Meaning vectors can never have the same qualities a photograph and or bitmap can achieve.

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