Page 57: Visible Signs

Page 57, Visible Signs talks about the differences between Denotation, and Connotation. These differences can be summarized as seen below.

"Denotation- what is pictured"

Denotation for the most part is "straightforward." This type of classification, classifies objects in accordance with what they are. Page 57 uses the photo example. If you take a photo of a cat, it doesn't matter how times you take the photo because, that cat will always represent cat.

"Connotation- how it is pictured"

Connotation on the other hand, is dependent on the significance of the photo. Chancing the Film, Lighting, Framing, or Focus one can conjure emotions or memories through a picture. By changing any one of these things it becomes the viewer responsibility to decipher what is being seen, and how it should be read.

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