Paul Rand Notes

Paul Rand was a well-known American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs. Rand’s most widely known graphic designs are his corporate brands, many of which are still in use today. IBM, ABC, Cummins Engine, Westinghouse, and UPS, and many others, owe their graphical heritage to him, though UPS recently carried out a controversial update to the classic Rand design.

The Paul Rand video made use of all the transitions used in our project:

As for Rands theories on graphic design I would have to agree with everything he said. Most corporate insignias today are mainly used to draw in people. In order to do this designers have to go with whats popular at that time. Designs have to go with the times, or break so far from whats popular in order to create something so different it creates a new fad. Thats the life of a designer, your either really good at whats wanted, or your really good at making what you want. Either way, I think no matter what path a person follows as long as a person has pride in their work fortune will follow.

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