C.D.F Update

For the last week of Color, Drawing, Form, there were quite a few last minute projects. Calander pages were finished up and printed.

As well as the final construction of our color books
To wrap everything up our color class made a visit to ColorMark were we took a toure of the fasilities and got a chance to see their amazing printers!


Final Taxonomy

For my Final Taxonomy I decided to carry out the small aspect from my Haiku and create a 3.25" x 2" book. The binding involved rubber-bands that held together the cover page, a Table of Contents, and five chapters. Each chapter contained five spreads, five chapters times five for a total of 25 spreads. Each of the Five chapter were also held together individually with their own ribber-band. Unfortunately I turned in my taxonomy before documenting it as usual, thought i do have pics of the process and some layout shots a well.

Cover and ToC

Chapters 1-3 Front
Chapters 4-5 Front/ Chapter Cover
Chapters 1-3 Back 

Chapters 4-5 Back

The initial page of the book would have the Toc or table of contents, which would have the five chapters and their titles, Circle, Crescent, Blob, Swirl, and Broken. Each Chapter labeled denotatively, while each mark inside of the book is labeled connotatively on the back side of each symbols page. Though this book may be small I fell it carries itself as well as any regular sized taxonomy just as well.

Final Reflection

 From projects 1 and 2 the main components that were carried over into project 3 would have to be "process" and the use of "abstract imagery". I use quotations because the meaning of these words in relation to this project can be seen as several different things. To start, process played a large roll in all three projects, but was fundamentally crucial in project 1. From project 1, as sophomores we gained the knowledge necessary to masterfully iterate our ideas on paper before approaching the problem digitally (Or on the computer). In project 2 we absorbed the basics of juxtaposition and how composition can affect the outcome of an overall graphic image. Both the iterations and compositions of our graphic symbols blossomed from what was a combination of project 1 and 2. Entering the spring semester the major idea i think i will carry with me is to never say your going to do something!!! Do it and see if it works, JUST DO IT see if it work, then decide if it makes the cut or not. Keep and open mind and keep EVERYTHING.


This line juxtaposition was one of many that did not make the cut. At the time I believe it was dropped from the line up because it was lame, and I still think it is lame. Visually it is some what interesting and/or pleasing to look at but in terms of a true juxtaposition, it lacks little similarities that could boost the graphic as a whole. Before project 2 I had very little experience with photography and in turn composition was foreign. After the completion of my book I am now able to better make sense of visual components and the relationship that can take place between the two.

Project Evolution

Here are some of the steps that went into creating some of the spreads that went into my taxonomy.

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3