Final Taxonomy

For my Final Taxonomy I decided to carry out the small aspect from my Haiku and create a 3.25" x 2" book. The binding involved rubber-bands that held together the cover page, a Table of Contents, and five chapters. Each chapter contained five spreads, five chapters times five for a total of 25 spreads. Each of the Five chapter were also held together individually with their own ribber-band. Unfortunately I turned in my taxonomy before documenting it as usual, thought i do have pics of the process and some layout shots a well.

Cover and ToC

Chapters 1-3 Front
Chapters 4-5 Front/ Chapter Cover
Chapters 1-3 Back 

Chapters 4-5 Back

The initial page of the book would have the Toc or table of contents, which would have the five chapters and their titles, Circle, Crescent, Blob, Swirl, and Broken. Each Chapter labeled denotatively, while each mark inside of the book is labeled connotatively on the back side of each symbols page. Though this book may be small I fell it carries itself as well as any regular sized taxonomy just as well.

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