Visual Communications from theory to practice

Interesting how the entire time I was reading this I thought to my self, "I never really though about this in terms of graphic design." While I read The Berlo Model of Communication, it was always thought of in terms of physical communication, not the communication between an object and the reader. Controlling this communication is interesting, makes sense that controlling this communication is what designers do on a daily bases.

To simplify things there are three levels:
Level A: Technical
Level B: Semantic
Level C: Effectiveness

In essence The Berlo Model of Communication was applied to graphic design. Showing how for a prime line of communication, the proper amount of overlapping these levels is needed.

The Berlo Model of Communication

Berlo's Model of Communication breaks the process of communicating into the four basic components.

Source, Message, Channel,  & Receiver

Berlo goes further and breaks each element into their sub-categories.

The Source and Receiver of a message can be broken down into five primary divisions:

Communication Skills
Social System
& Attitudes

Each division has the potential of presenting the message in a way the interferes with the receivers understanding of that message. Communication Skills, Knowledge, Social Systems, Culture, and Attitudes can differ among the source and receiver of the message, which create barriers and miscommunication.


Elements + Structure
& Code

The Message itself can take many forms as well. In the same way that the source and receiver have boundaries each has to over come, the message itself also has the potential to become yet another boundary. Interesting how something simple as talking to one another can be so complex.



The five senses can create walls between communication because of possible unawareness of the message in the first place? If you don't know the message is there then you can't answer it.

Over all i feel that with today's technology, all these boundaries and walls can be overcome with the push of a button. The process of communication itself has evolved to a level of greater understanding with things like apples face time app. Video to video communication creates a new element that can bypass all message and channel boundaries with ease. Phenomenal.


Tropicana Re-design

The Tropicana Re-design is pretty awesome. Going from an Ethos/Logos/Pathos design, which Heavily relied on the brands name and a imagery which tells the viewer this orange juice is like drinking straight from the orange. To a more Ethos/Logos design, that shows the consumer this juice is 100% Orange. Making it a logical choice, because who doesn't want all natural?

Over all the packages appeal did not change too much, it just got a much needed refresh. Something a little more main stream and "cool." Not to mention that awesome cap design, using a more rounded cap with a few leaves. Genius.


Three Appeals

Logos The logical appeal
This appeal makes use of a products qualities to persuade the consumer into making a "logical" choice.

These Natural Yogurt packages take the "natural" and apply it in a literal way by applying the flavors of each yogurt to the outside. Natural is better, which makes it logical.

Pathos The emotional appeal
This appeal uses a design direction that draws an emotional response from the viewer.

Huggies uses a sleeping baby and the word pure to show how pure their product truly is. Not to mention using the "cute" factor to draw in the consumer.

Ethos The credited appeal
This appeal uses an established name, "spokes person" or established time period to create a sense of credibility.

This line of gatorade not only relies on the name of its brand, but also that of Tiger Woods. Using the name of tiger to show that this gatorade can give you focus just like tiger.

Package Design Rap-up

When it comes to designing a package there are many components that go into producing a tangible object. For this particular project however our main area of concentration was the front of the package. Taking an existing product and redesigning to still appeal to the existing audience. Using the three modes (Logos, Pathos, and Ethos) of appeal to guide our design directions.

 Logo Package

After choosing three different packages, muscle milk was ultimately my final choice. From this point it went into thumbnails and iterations.

Of coarse the iteration process is longer and more existence, however the two images above sum up the extent of the final muscle milk directions which where, Bulky Bunny Wrapper and The Heavy-Duty Series. From concept, the next step was design and formal mock-ups.

Pathos Appeal

Ethos Appeal

After mocking up the top design directions for each appeal, two final designs where chosen to refine.

Pathos Appeal Refinement Stage

Ethos Appeal Refinement Stage

After evaluating each package, and further refinement, two final packages were achieved.

This design consisted of a twist-able wrapper. One side of the wrapper having a cute bunny, while the other had a bulky bunny. Making use of the "cute" and "cool" factor to invoke an emotional response from the consumer.
This package design made use of an ethos appeal, using different images, textures, and copy to support the idea of a strong and reliable protein formula.

To rap up, I learned a lot about package design and myself. I found myself enjoying this project and the process that went into it. Designing for people is something I am interested in. Not only on a graphic level but an industrial one as well. Trying to introduce a level of interactivity on and off the shelf.


Redesign: Muscle Milk Package 3

Wow wow wee wow, check out this epicness wow. So the muscle milk is heading in an interesting direction. The series and the bunny are doing fine, cant wait to see what they grow up to be!

Redesign: Pathos Package 2

Yummy yummy, muscle milk round 2, ethos packaging. This set was rather fun to work on, the left consisted of a series, while the right showed the protein composition. Each a viable solution to the assignment, but it seemed that the series was a better fit.


Redesign: Pathos Package

Redesigning Muscle Milk is a tricky task. Considering the audience that generally buys this product, it makes sense that logos would be the primary appeal. Giving this product a new appeal is somewhat hysterical, but interesting. Here is what came of my adventures,

The top image shows them in orders of effectiveness, the chocolate bunny and chocolate unleash being the top two. In the end, the interactiveness of the chocolate bunny put it over the edge. Phase 2 ethos


Mike McCoy Lecture

Mike McCoy's lecture covered "people centered design." Mike talked about where he was from and the places he's taught at but what I found most interesting was the fact that he was an industrial designer. Industrial designers consider the user experience. This is what industrial design primarily consist of, as graphic designers our first priority it to convoy a message through typographic and graphic means. The user is not necessarily the first mark on a designers check list, but it can be. Mike laid out the foundation and elements that go into evaluating and dissecting the user of a particular product. These same procedures can be applied to a graphic designers arsenal to further the effectiveness of our designs and their meaning. Truly inspirational.

Final Type Layout?

So here is what became of my type layout, its OK and meets the deliverables but still has some refinements in store. There are a few treasures in the first layout that I feel are heading in the right direction but right now it all just seems like a big disappointment.

Package Modes and 10 Graphic Approaches

Product: Muscle Milk
Mode: Pathos
• "Elemental Power!" (showing the power and energy through elemental properties)
• "Double Sided" (showing before and after taking the drink, animal characteristics)
• "Material Strength" (relates the strength of the drink to strong materials)

Product: Muscle Milk
Mode: Ethos
• "Formula Equation" (shows the elements of the drink)
• "Gold Seal Mineral" (uses gold to show the quality and establish credibility)
• "Spokes Person" (uses the credibility of an established athlete or spokes person)

Some possible Graphic Approaches:

Illustrative Elements
Cut Paper
Layering of Tissue Paper
Water Color
Sketching, Pencil and Paper
Glowing Paint?
Transparent layers, Showing before and after
Animal Pattern?
Prisma Colors


Project 5 Combining Channels

For this project there was a lot more planning than I originally anticipated. Since the main objective was to combine the two modes, and not "create" two modes it seemed like cake. When I stepped back and realized that one of my channels was presented in motion and the other on paper, it became a decision of which platform to combine the two channels on. Considering the appeal a motion peace can have I decided to combine the two on a motion based platform. Having half of the project already completed in flash, it quickly became about two ideas. One, how to transfer my poster images from print to motion, And the second being how to transition from one body to the next.

A to B became my mode of thinking instead of A. B. A. B, switching from one channel to the next. "A" being the poster content, and "B" being the text content. Switching between content seemed problematic, going from image and text


Updated Logos Packages

Columbia spaghetti was the chosen product example for ethos. Through the use of time, Columbia establishes its credibility by clearly stating their historic origin. By using an old gold coin, two things are happening. On the first level the gold coin stands for Columbia's beginning, or when they started. On the second level the coin represents the "quality" of the noodles, gold being the metaphor.

Audience: Middle America / pasta is easy and simple to make, its for everyone really

Numi tea was an excellent example of pathos. Numi tea makes use of image and texture to draw emotional connections between what is being seen on the package itself, and the flavor of the tea. Using the flavor as a visual to illustrate the way this particular flavor would taste.

Audience: Health Conscious / Relaxing tea drinkers

It was so simple. Once I sat and really thought about what logos meant, it came to me. Muscle Milk! Regardless of the fact that most of the package is taken up by the company logo, as a whole there is an entire level of information being given. The front of the package is used to promote its contents and what benefits it offers, along with an image of whats inside the container. This is an excellent example of logos.

Audience: Body Builder / Athlete


Reading Response: Type + Image pg 130

On this page from Type + Image, Meggs, states that style is an important component to design. More often than not style is considered as excessive, or frivolous information that serves no actual purpose. However according to Meggs, style can carry meaning just as well as any other part of the process, or rather style should contain meaning. The integration of style and content strengthens the formal elegance of a project and can help to concrete meaning. Style is a good thing not a bad one, by mastering the subtle power of style, design becomes powerful on levels subconscious. Breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of design.

Find+Share Aristotle's Appeals

For this weeks Find+Share I chose three products that corresponded with each mode of appeal, ethos, pathos, and logos.

Columbia spaghetti was the chosen product example for ethos. Through the use of time, Columbia establishes its credibility by clearly stating their historic origin. By using an old gold coin, two things are happening. On the first level the gold coin stands for Columbia's beginning, or when they started. On the second level the coin represents the "quality" of the noodles, gold being the metaphor.

Numi tea was an excellent example of pathos. Numi tea makes use of image and texture to draw emotional connections between what is being seen on the package itself, and the flavor of the tea. Using the flavor as a visual to illustrate the way this particular flavor would taste.

Last but not least Logos. For logos I chose Bounce fabric softener sheets. Now despite the fact that this package makes use of more than one appeal, logos is still one of them. The entire back portion of this package is used to promote the qualities that make bounce unique and special. By doing this bounce aims to set themselves as the logical, or best choice.

Folly Documentation

After randomly drawing jazz artists from a sack, the first phase of the project started off with research. The Musician I picked was Joe Lovano "US FIVE." After collecting a reasonable amount of information and listening to their music, it was time to create a "mood board."

Mood boards were created from informational research, in combination with the bands music. By taking the inspirational aspects of Joe Lovano's music and applying it to a visual format, it became possible to represent Joe on a new level. The result was this mood board.

With the completion of the mood board the next stage in the process was to create a matrix.

The steps that went into making this matrix are similar to that of the mood board. The main difference being the incorporation of rhetorical tropes. Taking each trope and combining it with one of ten words that best described the band and its music.

Once the matrix reached an appropriate number of concepts, three were selected to expand on. Three rows, with five in each row, for a total of fifteen iterations. From these fifteen iterations, one direct path was chosen to follow and iterate.

This path involved the use of synecdoche, which involved taking the keys of the saxophone and replacing them with the instruments of the band. After evaluating each poster and deciding on what aspects were working, three more posters where formulated.

At this stage of the poster, it was decided if more variables were necessary for further development or if the variables already purposed were adequate enough. In this case, the largest poster was viewed as being the strongest compositionally, but lacking when it came to contrast. With that it was only a matter of creating contrast while maintaining compositional unity.

After deciding on a composition, color was the next step in development. Finalizing the color palette would lead to the introduction of two black and white ads.

With the folly poster near completion, the transition from colored to black and white was fairly simple. The main areas of concern were mostly compositional. After some moderate color correction and letter kerning, the three below are the end result.

Overall the folly theater poster project will make a fine addition to the portfolio. The use of rhetorical tropes was an interesting way to go about things. It pushed the imagination ans forced unique ideas as a result. Ending with a unique graphic that may have not been developed ant other way.