Type, Image, Message

"The reality is that no one is naturally good at combining type and image."

I can't say I fully agree with the statement above. Im not saying I am the exception, but I am saying there are always those gifted few that just excel at everything their hands touch. As for the reading i cant say it dramatically widened my perspective on how hard it is to combining type and image, considering I experience this hardship first hand on a semi-daily bases. However i can say it did enlighten me on some of formal elements that must be considered when approaching a poster or any other multimedia format. Aside from the more common space, point, contrast, color and tone. There are there more elaborate Separation, Fusion, Fragmentation, and Inversion.

Separation : "when text and image operate independently"

Fusion : "when type and image blend to form unity"

Fragmentation : "when type and image disturb or interrupt each other"

Inversion : "a form of fusion when the type and image trade places and the type takes on pictorial properties or the image takes on typographical qualities"

The four bases listed above are the basic blocks of most type and image collaboration. Once a person can fully master these levels, without becoming stale and stagnant in their design development, there isn't any reason why they can prove that quote above wrong.

Poster Clash!

Recently in type we were given the challenge of creating posters for the AIGA Poster Clash Competition. The theme of these posters is "Change One Thing", ranging from economic, environmental, political, as far as I know anything goes. I chose to go the semi-environmental route and make posters promoting the change to florescent light bulbs, there more energy efficient! Here is round UNO.....along with some sketch ideas.


Ignore the little characters, I got sidetracked 

Poster 1: ixnay the black, it was a screen grab

Poster 2

Poster 3


How to think

"How to think" is a short article written by Ed Boyden. In this article Ed walks the reader through his ten, possibly twelve if you count the last two points of advice, rules on 'How to think' in today's modern fast paced world. Here are his ten...or twelve rules, depends on how you look at it.

10 Rulez!
Synthesize new ideas constantly
Learn how to learn (rapidly)
Work backward from your goal
Always have a long-term plan
Make contingency maps
Make your mistakes quickly
Write up best-practices protocols
Document everything obsessively
Keep it simple

Secondary advice
Logarithmic time planning
Conversation summaries

Despite the fact that Ed Boyden wrote the ten rules three years ago, it doesn't change the fact that they still hold true when applied to 2010's life. Now in regards to my response, Iv tried so hard to connect this article to graphic design in some way or another, but the truth is it applies to everything and everyone. These rules aren't law, but they are some pretty good guidelines. Everything listed in Ed's article is extremely helpful and should be shared with everyone. Our world moves extremely fast and instead of moving fast to keep up, we need to be faster to be ahead.

And for all you strangers who haven't read Ed Boyden's article, you can get to it by clicking here.


The Story

"The Story" is an assignment where, us as groups, must create 2-3 different story titles. From these titles a story is created, consisting of a beginning - middle - end. After settling on a short story a list of props or objects are drawn from the plot, as a way of telling the story without words. These are the two story titles I have chosen.

"The Last Draw" Credit to Brandon for the title

The plot of this title would be based around a gun fight between a sophisticated gentleman & a rough and tough cowboy type.

List of Objects
Playing Cards
Cowboy Hat
Red Bandanna
Belt Buckle
(2) Colt 6 shooter/s
Copper Bullets
Top Hat
Golden Ring
Golden Pocket Watch
Winchester Rifle
Gold Bullets

This story could also go in the direction of a duel between two men of honor using swords?

"Under The Waves" not sure who to credit for this on?

The story line for this title is still in development, but could go one of two ways.

1. The Exploration for sunken treasure, or

2. The Exploration of a lost City? (Not sure how many sunken cities there are but i love the idea.)

List of Objects
Treasure Chest
Sunken City