Poster Clash!

Recently in type we were given the challenge of creating posters for the AIGA Poster Clash Competition. The theme of these posters is "Change One Thing", ranging from economic, environmental, political, as far as I know anything goes. I chose to go the semi-environmental route and make posters promoting the change to florescent light bulbs, there more energy efficient! Here is round UNO.....along with some sketch ideas.


Ignore the little characters, I got sidetracked 

Poster 1: ixnay the black, it was a screen grab

Poster 2

Poster 3


joseph said...

hi ray, how did you get those shadows on your banner?

oh, and you might want to get your label tap up on your blog so you can sort your labels. it's under the gadgets.

Anonymous said...

I submitted to this contest too. I really like your second to last design, and your use of light is, ahem, brilliant. Nice work!