Type, Image, Message

"The reality is that no one is naturally good at combining type and image."

I can't say I fully agree with the statement above. Im not saying I am the exception, but I am saying there are always those gifted few that just excel at everything their hands touch. As for the reading i cant say it dramatically widened my perspective on how hard it is to combining type and image, considering I experience this hardship first hand on a semi-daily bases. However i can say it did enlighten me on some of formal elements that must be considered when approaching a poster or any other multimedia format. Aside from the more common space, point, contrast, color and tone. There are there more elaborate Separation, Fusion, Fragmentation, and Inversion.

Separation : "when text and image operate independently"

Fusion : "when type and image blend to form unity"

Fragmentation : "when type and image disturb or interrupt each other"

Inversion : "a form of fusion when the type and image trade places and the type takes on pictorial properties or the image takes on typographical qualities"

The four bases listed above are the basic blocks of most type and image collaboration. Once a person can fully master these levels, without becoming stale and stagnant in their design development, there isn't any reason why they can prove that quote above wrong.