Design Process by Philip Meggs

Design Process by Philip Meggs, like any other reading highlighted points on the design process. Though I wouldn't go as far as to say it totally changed my perception of the process. I’ve always understood the design process to be a lengthy one, full of many variables and iterations. Kinds have to beat every possible idea out of a subject before you can finally get "the one". And even then the design is never really finished, there is always something that can be tweaked or refined in some way. The designer either doesn’t see it yet, or the style choice hasn't been thought of yet. Meggs's design process and the process we use in our classes are very much the same. We may go about things a little differently but the basic structure is identical, Problem Definition, Information Gathering, Idea Finding, Solution Finding, and Implementation. In my opinion every step is vital, though sometimes many of us want to just skip straight to idea finding. In regards to the working world I think everything we learn in school we should carry with us as we move on and out to our jobs. Every once in a while will get a job where the idea is just instant and amazing, but it never hurts to pull out a sketch book and draw up some thumbnails, or read up on the subject were designing for. We are learning to produce a large amount of possibilities for a reason, when it comes to design there has to be a certain language between the graphic elements and the type, or else it falls apart.

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