Final Icon Set: Underwater Exploration

Story telling is tricky enough using words but when all you have are icons, it can get a little difficult. The process of telling a story through a series of icons is no easy task, that is lofted with many levels. First came the story, brainstorming ideas of possible story titles was how I would start this icon project off. After coming to a decision what the title of my stories would be it was then my responsibility to determine the props, or components that would make up the story.

For my underwater exploration I decided that a scuba diver who was interested in exploring an underwater cave decides to suit up and find one. After acquiring the right  water gear and making it to the cave the diver comes across a variety of aquatic wild life and decides to document his findings. Unfortunately his presence in the cave attracts a shark that is not too happy to see the diver. After realizing what is going on the diver pulls out his spear gun to defend himself.

With the story written, it is time to visualize its components. This stage of the process consists of research, and image gathering. The more research the greater the potential for an amazing icon. When looking for imagery there Ire a few attributes to look for, image size, color, and different views of the object itself. With imagery and research completed the first construction pieces of the icons can begin.

Through a series of intuitive drawings the basic ideas that would eventually become icons takes place. Although this part is intended to be a loose and fluid, sometimes its just best to go with have ymy good at.
After producing a fair amount of intuitive drawing, I soon realized that my time was better spent trying to recreate my objects as best I could with a pencil and paper.

Once the proper perspective was chosen, iterations in the for of a matrix would help to hone the path which I would follow for the rest of my icon set.
 Through multiple critiques and many opinions, it was decided that the right path for me to follow would be a hard outline with a semi-symmetrical format, As you can see from the final icon set below.








This project was very enjoyable for me, and will continue to be as we enter the next stages of these icons and venture into color. For myself there are a few minor changes i would make after seeing the set together, and that would be to carry the outline all the way around each object, as opposed to having a few that have components that break though the outlined perimeter. By doing this i feel the cohesion between the set would strengthen further, leaving no room for question as to weather or not certain icons belong with the rest.


thenewprogramme said...

these are awesome, ray. i love the wide range of line weights. nicely done!

jamie said...

Keep working on the title Raynaldo - one that really embodies your story. Words should be as finely crafted as your design. Underwater exploration is a bit generic.

amorris said...

I love these!! The octopus is absolutely adorable! keep up the good work.