Reading Response Week 2

Pictograms Icons Signs and An Iconic Lion, Were the two readings assigned to us this week as part of our reading response. Each reading highlighted either the evolution of the pictogram or the process of reinventing one. Despite the fact that both readings slightly talked about different points of a pictogram or icon, for me the basic message was the same, great design comes through dedication and effective process. With the evolution of the printing press it became possible to print large amounts of material rather quickly and efficiently. Making it possible for prehistoric designers to stretch their limbs and design. And from the perspective of An Iconic Lion, A team was given the task of refurbishing the new york public library's logo with a new contemporary one. Showing the process and notes that went into recreating a classic brand into something more modern.

When comparing these articles to our current assignment, every component is the same:

1We were given the problem: a story that doesn't have an icon set.

2We evaluate the problem as designers: research the story, and determine the appropriate components.

3We implement proper process: image gathering, hand draw images, hand drawn icon matrix, iteration/ evaluation, and final icon set.

No matter what stage of our wonderful careers we are entering, the fundamental steps to great design well never change. With time design will only get better, and technique will continue to improve.

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