The New Basics: Diagram

The New Basics, by Lupton, pg 199-211 focus primarily on one aspect of design that we just so happen to be interacting with at the moment, Diagrams. Diagrams or info-graphs, in my opinion, embody the main forces that surround design. Conveying information in a graphically pleasing way, while maintaining clarity and understanding. In most respects these are what most designers strive for, acquiring legibility without sacrificing design. Taking a format that would other wise be fairly simple and making it complex. Enhancing the structure and allowing the information to speak on a new, heightened level. Unlike our diagrams which are being designed primarily for magazine use, info-graphs actually have a wider range of applications. Commercials, websites, posters, adverting, politics, textbooks, and even entertainment. In relation to our project, this article inspires. There are a lot of techniques that can be used to achieve a narrative that not only helps the graphic aspect, but also tie the graphs deeper into the our iconic story lines. One such technique is the power of overlapping. Through overlapping there are many possibilities that can led to dimensional graphs that show information on multiple levels. Simply Inspiring.

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