Museum Exhibit Final

There were more than a few thing wrong with my last museum exhibit, so i decided to redesign a large portion of what was the advertising, basically going back and rethinking the type aspect of the project more so than the imagery. Type being the main point of weakness that still needs work but is most definitely heading in a good direction.


Gert Dumbar Lecture Poster


Newest Type2 Poster, Inspiered by Gert Dumbar for Gert Bumbar. In our lates type assignment we were tasked with creating a "promotinoal poster" advertising a fake Free Lecture. The image above depicts the newest of a long line of posters created for the lecture. There is still lots of work to be done but it will soon be glorious!

Some previous ideas the led up to this state.

In the end, the yellow was dropped and the texture was omitted from the background.