For my find and share I chose to pick from two things I love most in life, entertainment and cars!

PSP advertisement

In this ad psp chooses to take the feeling that their automotive games create (adrenalin) and visually representing it. Drawing a comparison between their games and artificial adrenalin. Taking a few pills and filling them with car parts uses a number of rhetorical devices to complete the visual. Hyperbole for one by showing the elements of a car small enough that they can fit in a pill. Metaphor links the racing components and pills, two unrelated components that share a common factor adrenalin.

Audi Advertisment

Audi conquers winter by using the symbol of a man on a snowmobile as the tread on their new snow tiers. Creating a pun that says their tires are great for the winter because of the type of tread they have, as good as a snowmobile.

1 comment:

jamie said...

You did properly identify the tropes in example 1, but it would be more clear to say that the high from racing is like the high from a drug.

I'll accept that the audi ad is a visual pun, however, typically signs should share a more similar form. In this case the snowmobile had to be highly abstracted to look anything like a tire tread.