Find+Share Aristotle's Appeals

For this weeks Find+Share I chose three products that corresponded with each mode of appeal, ethos, pathos, and logos.

Columbia spaghetti was the chosen product example for ethos. Through the use of time, Columbia establishes its credibility by clearly stating their historic origin. By using an old gold coin, two things are happening. On the first level the gold coin stands for Columbia's beginning, or when they started. On the second level the coin represents the "quality" of the noodles, gold being the metaphor.

Numi tea was an excellent example of pathos. Numi tea makes use of image and texture to draw emotional connections between what is being seen on the package itself, and the flavor of the tea. Using the flavor as a visual to illustrate the way this particular flavor would taste.

Last but not least Logos. For logos I chose Bounce fabric softener sheets. Now despite the fact that this package makes use of more than one appeal, logos is still one of them. The entire back portion of this package is used to promote the qualities that make bounce unique and special. By doing this bounce aims to set themselves as the logical, or best choice.

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