Folly Documentation

After randomly drawing jazz artists from a sack, the first phase of the project started off with research. The Musician I picked was Joe Lovano "US FIVE." After collecting a reasonable amount of information and listening to their music, it was time to create a "mood board."

Mood boards were created from informational research, in combination with the bands music. By taking the inspirational aspects of Joe Lovano's music and applying it to a visual format, it became possible to represent Joe on a new level. The result was this mood board.

With the completion of the mood board the next stage in the process was to create a matrix.

The steps that went into making this matrix are similar to that of the mood board. The main difference being the incorporation of rhetorical tropes. Taking each trope and combining it with one of ten words that best described the band and its music.

Once the matrix reached an appropriate number of concepts, three were selected to expand on. Three rows, with five in each row, for a total of fifteen iterations. From these fifteen iterations, one direct path was chosen to follow and iterate.

This path involved the use of synecdoche, which involved taking the keys of the saxophone and replacing them with the instruments of the band. After evaluating each poster and deciding on what aspects were working, three more posters where formulated.

At this stage of the poster, it was decided if more variables were necessary for further development or if the variables already purposed were adequate enough. In this case, the largest poster was viewed as being the strongest compositionally, but lacking when it came to contrast. With that it was only a matter of creating contrast while maintaining compositional unity.

After deciding on a composition, color was the next step in development. Finalizing the color palette would lead to the introduction of two black and white ads.

With the folly poster near completion, the transition from colored to black and white was fairly simple. The main areas of concern were mostly compositional. After some moderate color correction and letter kerning, the three below are the end result.

Overall the folly theater poster project will make a fine addition to the portfolio. The use of rhetorical tropes was an interesting way to go about things. It pushed the imagination ans forced unique ideas as a result. Ending with a unique graphic that may have not been developed ant other way.

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