Jazzy Poster: Refinements and Iterations

Its an exciting feeling when you come close to producing something amazing, unfortunately I am not there yet. After taking the advice of my peers and instructor, I managed to produce 4 interpretations of what was said in class.

Typographically I find myself drifting towards the bottom two more so than the top. Color is still up in the air at this point, but the blues and yellows definitely feel jazzy to me.

In an effort to liven up the saxophone component of these posters, it was suggested that only parts of each instrument were necessary in order to convey the band's unity.

This approach has its problems, trying to integrate the drum set as well as the upright bass is a major pain. The drums look like gears and the bass doesn't look like a bass. Awesome!

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jamie said...

I'm glad to know you tried it - and you'd never know whether or not it'd work unless you make it.