NA Project 3: Detail Narrative

Project 3 was interesting, only being allowed to use one channel of communication really put a damper on the narrative. Given the dynamic nature of comics, text seemed the most appropriate channel communicate with. taking the basic idea of a comic book and only focusing on the text aspect was my primary method for creating a story.

After reflecting on the completed project there were a few areas of observation that stood out to me. First being the fact that it is extremely difficult to make an interesting narrative when only using one communicative channel. A narration is some what easy, but an interesting narrative is another story. Usually editors would rely on a combination of multiple channels in order to draw the viewer on multiple platforms, sound, image, voice, and so on. But when a narrative is dependent on only one area of communication it comes down to motion and the active motion of the camera.


Taylor Pruitt said...

The way your decided to use text was a nice idea because, like you said talking about comic books, and what you're trying to focus on seems a little difficult. Although, I'm not sure if bringing the word bubbles in counted as an image or not because I knew what you were trying get at with the idea of it being comic book based.

The way you told the story with text was a good idea though, showing it's history and how the marval bank came along helped a lot. The text for the most part was readable, but the font kind of distracted me. (Even though it is comic sans and it's what comic books use, I think there could maybe be a better typeface to use on the main body, then having essences of comic sans could help.) Over all, having the type move in and out I think really showed the comic book idea and how you showed the history was good detail to point out.

Bethany Ediger said...

First of all, I am a little concerned that your use of word bubbles and background gradients are an image choice, but I am glad that you took a comic-book-like approach to relaying your information to the viewer. Your text is a clear read through most of the slides but I though the second to last slide was a little difficult to take in. You have a LOT of solid information and without hierarchy, or some kind of separation, it is difficult for me to retain any of it.

Although comic books use both image and text as channels, the choice of text is powerful in explaining the story. They aren't allowed the luxury of giving a lot of information in such a small space. I think condensing some of the information with hierarchy may help.

P.S. Must you use comic sans?