Mike McCoy Lecture

Mike McCoy's lecture covered "people centered design." Mike talked about where he was from and the places he's taught at but what I found most interesting was the fact that he was an industrial designer. Industrial designers consider the user experience. This is what industrial design primarily consist of, as graphic designers our first priority it to convoy a message through typographic and graphic means. The user is not necessarily the first mark on a designers check list, but it can be. Mike laid out the foundation and elements that go into evaluating and dissecting the user of a particular product. These same procedures can be applied to a graphic designers arsenal to further the effectiveness of our designs and their meaning. Truly inspirational.

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jamie said...

Graphic designers are no different than product designers, in that we have to consider our user first. That's why research is so important to any design process. And now, designers are designing not just for the user to receive content, but for the user to generate content themselves.