Package Design Rap-up

When it comes to designing a package there are many components that go into producing a tangible object. For this particular project however our main area of concentration was the front of the package. Taking an existing product and redesigning to still appeal to the existing audience. Using the three modes (Logos, Pathos, and Ethos) of appeal to guide our design directions.

 Logo Package

After choosing three different packages, muscle milk was ultimately my final choice. From this point it went into thumbnails and iterations.

Of coarse the iteration process is longer and more existence, however the two images above sum up the extent of the final muscle milk directions which where, Bulky Bunny Wrapper and The Heavy-Duty Series. From concept, the next step was design and formal mock-ups.

Pathos Appeal

Ethos Appeal

After mocking up the top design directions for each appeal, two final designs where chosen to refine.

Pathos Appeal Refinement Stage

Ethos Appeal Refinement Stage

After evaluating each package, and further refinement, two final packages were achieved.

This design consisted of a twist-able wrapper. One side of the wrapper having a cute bunny, while the other had a bulky bunny. Making use of the "cute" and "cool" factor to invoke an emotional response from the consumer.
This package design made use of an ethos appeal, using different images, textures, and copy to support the idea of a strong and reliable protein formula.

To rap up, I learned a lot about package design and myself. I found myself enjoying this project and the process that went into it. Designing for people is something I am interested in. Not only on a graphic level but an industrial one as well. Trying to introduce a level of interactivity on and off the shelf.

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