Project 5 Combining Channels

For this project there was a lot more planning than I originally anticipated. Since the main objective was to combine the two modes, and not "create" two modes it seemed like cake. When I stepped back and realized that one of my channels was presented in motion and the other on paper, it became a decision of which platform to combine the two channels on. Considering the appeal a motion peace can have I decided to combine the two on a motion based platform. Having half of the project already completed in flash, it quickly became about two ideas. One, how to transfer my poster images from print to motion, And the second being how to transition from one body to the next.

A to B became my mode of thinking instead of A. B. A. B, switching from one channel to the next. "A" being the poster content, and "B" being the text content. Switching between content seemed problematic, going from image and text

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