Three Appeals

Logos The logical appeal
This appeal makes use of a products qualities to persuade the consumer into making a "logical" choice.

These Natural Yogurt packages take the "natural" and apply it in a literal way by applying the flavors of each yogurt to the outside. Natural is better, which makes it logical.

Pathos The emotional appeal
This appeal uses a design direction that draws an emotional response from the viewer.

Huggies uses a sleeping baby and the word pure to show how pure their product truly is. Not to mention using the "cute" factor to draw in the consumer.

Ethos The credited appeal
This appeal uses an established name, "spokes person" or established time period to create a sense of credibility.

This line of gatorade not only relies on the name of its brand, but also that of Tiger Woods. Using the name of tiger to show that this gatorade can give you focus just like tiger.

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