Package Modes and 10 Graphic Approaches

Product: Muscle Milk
Mode: Pathos
• "Elemental Power!" (showing the power and energy through elemental properties)
• "Double Sided" (showing before and after taking the drink, animal characteristics)
• "Material Strength" (relates the strength of the drink to strong materials)

Product: Muscle Milk
Mode: Ethos
• "Formula Equation" (shows the elements of the drink)
• "Gold Seal Mineral" (uses gold to show the quality and establish credibility)
• "Spokes Person" (uses the credibility of an established athlete or spokes person)

Some possible Graphic Approaches:

Illustrative Elements
Cut Paper
Layering of Tissue Paper
Water Color
Sketching, Pencil and Paper
Glowing Paint?
Transparent layers, Showing before and after
Animal Pattern?
Prisma Colors

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