Designed Scenario Slides

Currently Karen and I are beginning the design process involved in pushing these scenarios to a final state. Below are a few lovely images of whats been designed so far, visit Karen's Blogger (here) for more design possibilities for the iPad & iPhone.

More to come soon, very soon...


The Boy Scout Initiative

Currently, after deciding on a clean up initiative for Ivanhoe there was a snag as to who I would get to actually volunteer for the project. Creating the campaign would be more than enough for a good portfolio piece, however that is not the primary goal. Creating actual change and growth for Ivanhoe by joining with the boy scouts in an initiative that can benefit both the scouts and Ivanhoe presents possibilities. Currently the research gathered is primarily volunteer based, done by Brandon.

So I've teamed up with Raynoldo in persuing Scouting volunteer project opportunities for the Ivanhoe design assistance. While the Girl Scouts don't pursue community volunteer projects to the extent the Boy Scouts of America do, both can contribute to Ivanhoe's recovery. I have emailed the Heartland Area Boy Scout council with an introduction and design intervention project proposal. The BSA can benefit massively from this project, gaining publicity through Ivanhoe's media coverage, and experience unity through inter-troop cooperation and projects. It would be unique for the BSA to focus it's projects in one area, making a huge difference, as opposed to spread out smaller contributions. It is also an Eagle Scouts responsibility to plan and execute a volunteer project of his own for the community, and having opportunities readily available through the Ivanhoe neighborhood council could assist them in quickly finding a project.

On a community  Ivanhoe level, recruitment and involvement could benefit greatly as well. It's been proven that Eagle Scouts are exponentially more likely to be accepted into the work field when compared to other applicants. Here's an article on that subject. But the kids in the Ivanhoe neighborhood are looking for extracurricular activities, and the Boy Scout program and Eagle Scout goal and rank could give them something to do and strive for. It would shape them into leadership material and help them in their job search down the road. When applying to colleges, Eagle Scouts are also eligible for scholarships and more appealing for acceptance.

I've yet to contact the girl scouts, but depending on the BSA's interest and involvement, it might not be necessary. I also will have a better relationship and appeal to the BSA being an Eagle Scout myself.

Boy Scouts (Wiki on overall research.)

Girl Scouts (Wiki on overall research.)

Boy Scouts Volunteering

Eagle Scouts

Girl Scouts Volunteering

Articles on large scale Eagle projects:

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One Sentence: ESL

Our online community will prompt, inform and connect ESL students with "mainstream students" ( ESL students that have gone through the program and they have been able to apply to college) in the hopes of obtaining a positive high school experience as well as preparing them for a strong future.


Narrowing Research: ESOL

Karen and I went through the research that we had gather and tried to answer the questions and have a better understanding of our audience. These are some of the parameters and understanding of our community:

Physical Boundaries:
-School system limits the and forces the exclusion of ESL students to separate curriculums and classrooms.
-Limited classrooms engament, limited to the people in class.
-Resources like computer and other software
-Limited certified teachers: the same teachers end up teaching various subjects.
-Integration into mainstream high school classes, is at the discretion at the typical high school behavior.
-Block- schedules
-Teachers move more slowly and they rely on visual aids.
-Limited to not taking the coursework in order to graduate and no electives until proficiency in the language is obtained.

What / Who is involved
Immigrants that don't know English and are placed in a separate classrooms were students are grouped depending on their academic background and age arrival in the US, as stated by the various school boards under the Civil Rights Act. These classrooms are arranged by 4 levels of ESL (English as Second Language), and until an "adequate speaking and writing level is obtained" (standardized testing) they are able to move into mainstream. Some are pushed back that they are still in high school at age 20-21 and are unable to fulfill the coursework in order to graduate from high school, resulting in drop outs.

Equipment Needs
-Limited resources (at the discretion of the school board) : classroom space, certified teachers, , computers and software (due to funding). Schedule adjustments, example electives.
-Simplified knowledge , coddled : students are unfairly taught and should be move into mainstream. All subjects are simplified they can't compete with mainstream students in order to go to college or apply for scholarships.
-Integrating both mainstream and bilingual and collaborate together.
-Little access with peers (socializing) and networks that that might need help learn to navigate her new country, apply for scholarships, or drive a car.

High school immigrants of every nation who is in the US trying to learn and graduate.
Age: 15-21, males and females

Perspective of the individual/ community?

Individual ( ESL students & parents)
Wants / Needs

-To be accepted by their high school peers and take role in extracurricular activities.
-Learn all subjects and English at an equal level.
-To graduate and go to college, fulfill their dreams.
-Learn their new country and adopting customs.
-Retain their cultural identity.

Community (Teachers/School Board/ State Government)
Wants/ Needs

a. Integration and socialize successfully to avoid fights and other misunderstanding.
b. Move them on quickly due to waste of space and resources.
c. Want their ESL students to understand math, science and other subjects.

-School Board:
a. Financing
b. Pass standardize test ( money obtain due to results: leads to coddled learning: simplified and taught tricks to pass standardized test)
c. Affirmative Action and the reputation among other schools

-State Government:
a. Requires schools to meet the requirements of the school, percentile of passing.
b. No Child Left Behind: links every school's financing and its teachers' jobs to student performance on standardize test.

-English as a second language
-Different countries, nations, cultures, beliefs, traditions
-Education/ Learn
-Lack in self-esteem
-Graduate and be done with High School
ex. slow learners, stupid

School Level
-Varies depending on language, and education background from the countries the have immigrated from.
-Software knowledge: from novice to expert

JARGON: mainstream: students that English is their first language and are in high school.

After our research we think that one of the ways that we can have a bigger impact is through the mainstream students (online community based) as facilitators, through a peer to peer knowledge and understanding.

[Raynaldo Alvarez] phase 1

The Stone Spirit Lodge is in need of a face lift that is both inviting and reflective of their in store philosophy. Currently the level of sophistication is low and needs to be elivated a higher level. The Stone Spirit Lodge does a great job of crafting a calm and relaxing enviornment that many have no knowledge of. Re-branding the Spirit Lodge would bring their visual identity to the same level as their atmosphere and community. A powerful, more characteristic brand would do wonders for the Stone Spirit Lodge, that has already achieved a high level of relaxation and individuality that should be reflected in their new re-brand.

Ralvarez Phase 1


Effects of High School ESL

  • Hinders Student Achievement
  • Unable to fully experience high school fully (ESL Required Elective)
  • ESL Students are unable to effectively take standardized tests (Reflects on school system)
  • Shuffling between class periods for different subjects
  • Limited certified teachers, teach multiple subjects (results in modified curriculum)
  • Separate organizations among students are often formed, creating a divid
  • Integration into "normal" High School Classes is at the discretion of typical high school behavior
  • Stereotypes effects the understanding of classmates
  • High drop out rate among ESL students
  • Label one another “stupid” or “racist”
  • Students are unfairly coddled and should be forced more quickly into the "mainstream"
  • Education officials classify some 5.1 million students in the United States — 1 in 10 of all those enrolled in public schools — as English language learners, a 60 percent increase from 1995 to 2005
  • Meanwhile, teachers and administrators have come under increasing pressure to meet the requirements of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, which links every school’s financing and its teachers’ jobs to student performance on standardized tests
  • High schools is the last stop between adolescence and adulthood
  • teachers move more slowly and rely more on visual aids
  • writing exam 97 percent passed, Math 91 percent passed, 89 percent passed the history exam
  • Their classes are light on lectures and heavy on drills, games and worksheets intended to help them memorize facts about topics as varied as European monarchies, rock formation and the workings of the human heart
  • It means she has had little access to peers and networks that might help her learn to better navigate her new country, apply for scholarships, make her own MySpace page or drive a car. She lives an hour’s drive from Washington, but has visited only once, on a field trip with other immigrant students
  • The immigrant students are given less homework and rarely get failing grades if they demonstrate good-faith efforts. They are given more credit for showing what they know in class participation than on written assignments. And on state standardized tests, they are offered accommodations unavailable to other students


User Experience Reflection

Handout Evolution

The Handout

Leaf Evolution






Shadow Final Reflection

Shadows Presentation

Shadows are an interesting area to take typography. After reflecting on a few points from crit, a couple of possible applications stood out to me. Mostly "industrial" the application of outdoor signage and/or installations. With an outdoor setup the sun becomes the light source, sort of a timed light source in some instances. The sun itself would be an interesting light source to work with because of all the variables that are connected with it. In essence the sun in a timed, moving light source that is sometimes interrupted by object like clouds and planes, very unpredictable. In some ways it is the unpredictability is what makes an outdoor setup intriguing...


Design Alogue Banner

All in one shot.

What I've Learned

Creating typography out of shadows was not as tricky as it first seemed. By creating a series of explorations I've learned a lot, for example:

Crisp & Blurry Shadows

When it comes to crisp and blurry shadows source there are two things that should be taken into consideration.

Disperse Light(s) vs. Controlled Light(s) [ex. Lamp vs. Flashlight]


Determining the distance and/or angle of the light source in relation to the object casting the shadow.

Based on the these points its obvious to tell that the light is what determines how clearly a shadow is cast. The farther way a light is from an object, the more "controlled" it must be to cast a crisp shadow. And for lights set closer to an object, the opposite applies.

This lamp was set at a distance of about 15 feet from these letter forms.

For test number two the distance was halved, increasing the clarity of the shadow dramatically.

Test number three involved a more controlled light source, which cast clear rich black shadows no matter the distance. However, the farther the controlled light moved from the object the bigger the shadow grew, at the cost of loosing its rich black color.

Controlling Shadows Bodies

When it came to controlling the shapes these shadows took there was always an angularity to the shadows.

In this experiment a cube of foam core was used to cast a shadow, with the light directly above. But this what somewhat problematic because regardless of the straight edges, the shadow created was slightly fattened as it trailed outward.

By angling the cuts on each side, a slightly tapered effect was achieved.

and by completely angling the cuts into a point, an even more tapered shadow was cast, basically a point.

Symmetrical Type

Another interesting fact I learned while exploring was the advantages of symmetrical type. Symmetrical letters have the ability to folded in a way that the complete their own shadows.

Folded letters H A T

Folded letters with light, HAT.


The Tools