Speculate: The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the most well known and cherished news publications in the U.S., if only the same could be said about their website. When it comes to nytimes.com, there are not too many clear navigational paths. Navigation bars change position, mass clutter of text, and everything else make the site feel tight and claustrophobic.

Ways of improving the online experience would involve a clear set of primary navigation tools. Clean and orderly navigation will allow readers to take in the site piece by piece, rather than one giant mass of information. Introducing images will help to break up the text heavy site, and could be used to draw attention to certain articles of the sites choosing. Over all, introducing a little breathing room.

Wireframe Sketches


Web Analyzes

New York Times Homepage

The New York Times homepage is a clutter of information, with no real sense of organization. Lots of content fill the page leaving little to know breathing room. This is unfortunately true for the rest of the layout as well.

Technology Page
Technology Wire Frame

With the Technology main page not much changes, with the exception of the navigation bar. The navigation bar goes from a vertical menu to a horizontal one, offering no real improvement to the experience.

Technology Article Page

Technology Article Wire Frame

When it come to the article aspect, ads play a larger roll. Being the dominant component on the page makes the reading experience uncomfortable and crowded.

Both the paper and online portions of The New York Times have their faults, with the website falling behind.