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Personal Investment
Alternatives to financial advisers

Individual Loans
Middle class people frequently rely on loans for support. Especially with current economic crisis

Social Security Issue
Baby boomer population effects personal finance

Tax Increase
Personal finances rely on current economic events and upcoming elections

Government Support
Government support large corporations rather that personal businesses


Type Symposium Brand.

Here is an updated look at what I have been experimenting with for the possible postcard image, slash brand. Experimenting with cut paper and some transparency.

Possible postcard image? I think so

The Times Redesign.

For the New York Times Redesign i really wanted to have it take on a new for. For the home page i decided to make every thing very image driven. Only showing the latest news article for each topic accompanied by the headline, writers name, and time.

By clicking on the New York Times tab, a sub menu would appear along with the article calender. From this window the reader would be able to search through the articles according to date they were uploaded.

Clicking on an image would reveal the article, its section (internet), and the before and after articles on the calender.

But wait the reader decides he, or she, wants to go back to the article they were reading a few minutes ago. They can simply click on the recently read tab and search for the desired article.

At last the desired article has been found, with several other articles that were read before and after as well.


T4: Writing

Typo: a typographic experience

Typo is a typographic symposium aimed towards educating aspiring designers on the possibilities of Type. Experiencing typography on multiple dimensions ranging from interactive to motion. Widening the perspective and paving the way for designers of tomorrow.