Symposium Activities & Signage

Here are a few activities I that could take place at the symposium.

Expressive Name Tag:
Each person attending would have the opportunity to make there own name tag, using expressive typography they would design.

What is Type?:
Not quite sure if this is an activity but, before starting the symposium the audience would be asked to fill out a card that simply says, "what do you think of when you see the word typography?". After the symposium reaches an conclusion, a new set of cards would be set out that simply said, "Now what do you think of when you see the word typography?"

Type Trivia:
Here visitors will be given the chance to test their skills by guessing the type from popular album covers, movie posters, and brands.

Designer Scrabble:
Maybe having the game scrabble out to play, only visitors would only be allowed to use design terms. (Terms provided)

Everyone loves a good movie, Helvetica, maybe Objectified.

Some possible signage options

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