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Currently, after deciding on a clean up initiative for Ivanhoe there was a snag as to who I would get to actually volunteer for the project. Creating the campaign would be more than enough for a good portfolio piece, however that is not the primary goal. Creating actual change and growth for Ivanhoe by joining with the boy scouts in an initiative that can benefit both the scouts and Ivanhoe presents possibilities. Currently the research gathered is primarily volunteer based, done by Brandon.

So I've teamed up with Raynoldo in persuing Scouting volunteer project opportunities for the Ivanhoe design assistance. While the Girl Scouts don't pursue community volunteer projects to the extent the Boy Scouts of America do, both can contribute to Ivanhoe's recovery. I have emailed the Heartland Area Boy Scout council with an introduction and design intervention project proposal. The BSA can benefit massively from this project, gaining publicity through Ivanhoe's media coverage, and experience unity through inter-troop cooperation and projects. It would be unique for the BSA to focus it's projects in one area, making a huge difference, as opposed to spread out smaller contributions. It is also an Eagle Scouts responsibility to plan and execute a volunteer project of his own for the community, and having opportunities readily available through the Ivanhoe neighborhood council could assist them in quickly finding a project.

On a community  Ivanhoe level, recruitment and involvement could benefit greatly as well. It's been proven that Eagle Scouts are exponentially more likely to be accepted into the work field when compared to other applicants. Here's an article on that subject. But the kids in the Ivanhoe neighborhood are looking for extracurricular activities, and the Boy Scout program and Eagle Scout goal and rank could give them something to do and strive for. It would shape them into leadership material and help them in their job search down the road. When applying to colleges, Eagle Scouts are also eligible for scholarships and more appealing for acceptance.

I've yet to contact the girl scouts, but depending on the BSA's interest and involvement, it might not be necessary. I also will have a better relationship and appeal to the BSA being an Eagle Scout myself.

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