Career Goals and Strategy

Planning for after school is a terrifying task, worrying about a job and deciding where I want to start my career is a big decision. As a designer in the KCAI program, I feel becoming a graphic designer is not the only option available to me. As a creative thinker there are a wide variety of job possibilities available. I can invasion myself venturing into the advertising and marking world following in the foot steps of the greats like, David Ogilvy & Bill Bernbach. Getting there is another challenge, at first I see myself entering a small studio of sorts to get my feet wet. Once I establish a firm grasp of where exactly I would fit within the world advertising, I would probably approach my primary studio of interest for a job. Leading to the eventual start of my own studio or firm. However, for the moment finding a job after school is the primary goal, there really is no telling where my future is heading but its exciting to think about none the less.

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