The Question...

How can graphic design activate a persons potential to achieve goals?

As a student it is hard to decide where I want my life to go after school. Where I will live? What I will do? How will I get their? These are all questions myself and many others like me are currently asking themselves, or soon will be. Having the confidence to achieve goals, or pursue dreams can be frightening for many people. This is were I as a designer will come in. My primary goal for this semester is to create a system that would allow a person to catalog, document, and record their goals and present them with the best avenues for achieving them. Perhaps a person it not sure what their goals are, or what they would even like to peruse? Well, the program would help with that too, allowing a user to organize their thoughts to help them better understand where they belong and what they should be doing. How will this project take for? That is still in the brainstorming phase and is yet be determined, but nevertheless updates will be posted here, so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen!

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