A Symbiatic Unity

Symbiotic Unity

There is three different variations of symbiotic unity, our monument focus on Mutualism. Mutualism being the symbiotic interaction between different species that is mutually beneficial. Similar to the Clown Fish and Sea Anemone, The fish helps keep the anemone clean and in return the fish is given a place to live against predictors. There are two core elements at work, one species acts as a protector. While the other species performs some sort of act, like cleans it’s partner. Our monument is dedicated to Symbiotics. We wanted to take this relationship and honor it to signify that the best relationships are mutually beneficial.

Introducing Symbiotic Unity, a structure built from granite and steel. We used two different materials to emphasis two different species working together. It is located in Adelaide, Australia. Since the bases of our project started out with coral reefs we wanted to focus in on a park that was placed in a unique area such as Australia. Naturally parks are full of people, the park is wide and vast making it a perfect location with plenty of room. Our Monument stands at 10 feet 7 inches and the bottom portion acts like the structure or proctor.

From the bottom structure water pumps up out of the top portion and lets water flow down, acting as the second element, and cleansing the bottom portion. The water then flows down in between the rock area and is recycled back into the base and flows up through the top. 

Our audience is a wide spread, with our goal being to bring people together from families to individuals. A person can go up inside the monument to give a greater sense of sight. Our design allows for the audience to be between the two sections to literally be in the center of them working together.This along with the sound component of music, completes the overall experience of the monument.